EGNATIA Foundry S.A. is activated in the design and production of cast products made of steel,iron and aluminum alloys.

At the same time, EGNATIA Foundry is activated with great success in the production of equipment for water networks and metal components for lightning protection systems.

The facilities of EGNATIA Foundry are located in village Aspros/ Municipality of Polykastro/ County of Kilkis/Central Macedonia/ Greece and consist of 10.000 m2 (accommodated spaces )which are installed in 80.000 m2 ground.


With continuous investments in equipment and adaptation of new technologies, Egnatia Foundry can guarantee the supply of high quality casting products and high standard technical support services.

Cement plants - Crusher wear parts

Egnatia Foundry is considered to be a trustful supplier in cement plant market, since it produces long lifetime cement castings and crusher wear parts, such as drag chain rollers, HIS blow bars, cons, hammers, jaw plates, gravel crushers etc.

Water Systems

Egnatia Foundry has a strong presence in the water system market, manufacturing products intended for water supply, irrigation and sewage networks. Our standard production line includes a great variety of hydraulic system components, such as irrigation hydrants, air release valves, gate valves, control valves, dismantling joints etc.

Excavation Wear Parts

Egnatia Foundry produces a big variety of spare parts, such as adapters and teeth, applied on loaders and excavation machines. Our experienced engineers can propose the proper alloy for each special application, in order the end user to have high wear resistant and long lifetime spare parts.

Lightning Protection Components

Egnatia Foundry is involved in the production of lightning protection components such as conductors, transit plates, terminals etc, used in mobile stations and building earthning systems.

Engineering Applications Parts

Egnatia Foundry specializes in the production of casting parts used in complicated mechanical applications. Our indicative customer groups include train- brake systems and vehicle manufacturers, hydroelectric and bio-fuel power plant manufacturers, integrated mining facilities manufacturers, quarries and concrete machinery manufacturers, chemical factories etc.


Egnatia Foundry has successfully produced a significant number of components, used in defense systems. Crawler track links, used in vehicles of Greek Armed Forces, are casted in our facilities.


Egnatia Foundry SA focuses on the production of high quality and added value castings used in mines. Our production undertakes the design and manufacture of sprokets, rollers, gaskets, track links, wheels, cutting edges, teeth for bucket wheel excavators.

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Aettek main field of expertise lies in steel construction with applications in telecommunication mobile technology and the construction of industrial steel buildings.

Main areas of activity

>_ Construction and installation of industrial steel buildings.

>_ Supply and construction of lattice and tubular towers.

>_ Erection of Steel Towers.

>_ Aviation Obstruction lighting.

>_ Painting of Steel Structures.

>_ Manufacture telecommunication mounting accessories.

EGNATIA AETTEK’s specialized staff, provides the mentioned services with a constant eye, towards high quality construction and flexibility in production.

The company’s know-how and its mechanical equipment, guarantee that customer needs are fully met.

AETTEK’s aim is steady growth and evolution through investment in human resources, equipment and new production methods, while looking towards expansion in both, domestic and international markets.

Its steady and dynamic progress, and long-standing relations with its customers indicates that reliability and co-operation are two of the basic principles underlying AETTEK’s philosophy, reinforcing not only its prestige, but also its standing in the telecommunications sector.

Egnatia Aettek is certified for quality system ISO9001, safety OHSAS18001, ENIRONMENT ISO14001, CE Marking EN1090.


Transmission towers

The most of our company production activities are dedicated to the manufacturing and construction of electricity transmission lattice towers, for different voltage systems, for the development of various energy transmission networks.

Substation Towers

One of the most important production sector of our company is the construction of steel substation lattice towers, of various types and design, for the purpose of electric distribution applications.

Telecommunication Towers

The oldest and most traditional production of our company is dedicated Telecommunication Lattice Towers, of different sizes and heights, for the implementation of wireless Networks as Mobile Telephony, Radio/Meteo and Television applications.

Steel Accessories

Thank to the long experience of our company we can provide design and manufacturing of any type and size of steel components, in various fields of application such as energy or telecom, according to customer specifications and international steel standards

Steel Buildings

The factory equipment and staff know-how enable AETTEK to undertake construction projects for industrial steel buildings (factories, super markets, sports centres, etc.).
Fully automated CNC equipment and specialized technical and scientific staff mean that EGNATIA AETTEK can construct works with maximum precision, thus minimizing the possibility of error and decreasing production times.

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The factory is located in Larissa (Central Greece) in a field of 8500m2. The production plant and offices cover 2500m2. The rest of the field is used as a storage area.

Shelter SA is specialized in manufacturing and marketing various types of buildings that accommodate:

• Sensitive telecommunication equipment (cellular telephony, Tv/Radio broadcast stations etc.)
• Power generators.
• Electromechanical equipment.
• Photovoltaic Park’s equipment.
• Wind Power Park’s equipment.
• School Classrooms.
• Military Applications Buildings.
The company is capable of providing turn-key solutions, if required.

The quality management system of the company is certified with the quality standard EN ISO 9001/2008 and EN ISO 14001/2004.



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>_ Base station telecommunication equipment enclosure (rural).

>_ Roof station telecommunication equipment enclosure (urban).

>_ Power generator accommodation enclosures.

>_ Self – contained enclosures equipped with power generator and up to 30m tower on top of the enclosure.

>_ Airport navigation aids equipment enclosure.


The shelters are submitted to a number of tests, concerning their performance at real climatic conditions. SHELTER is equipped with two special testing chambers.

Waterproof performance chamber

The water-proof performance of the shelter is controlled in a specially water – spray chamber. The chamber is equipped with several water spray nozzles that spray the shelter from various directions. In this manner, heavy rainfall in addition with strong wind is simulated. After a predefined time period, the interior of the shelter is inspected in order to certify that no water has entered the building.

Thermal performance chamber

The heat leakage of each new model of shelter is determined in a specially designed chamber. The chamber is equipped with sensors that measure the climatic conditions of the chamber. The climatic conditions of the chamber are monitored and can be influenced electronically in order to achieve the desired test conditions.

A set of sensors is mounted on the inside of the shelter on order to measure the climatic conditions inside the shelter. These data, as well as the data collected from the chamber are logged to a data acquisition system. The collected data are processed to determine the heat leakage of the shelter. The amount of heat leakage is essential because it determines the amount of energy that has to be spent.

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